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JvW Reserves Post Match Review

TSFA had is first ever 11vs11 match last evening. We were very kindly hosted by Coach Ciara Picco and her wonderful ladies senior Hollywood bets JvW reserve side.

JvW is the Janine van Wyk girls Academy and senior side that plays out of Jeppe Quandam in Bedfordview.

After many months of covid restrictions on football, it was decided to give the TSFA boys a game where they could pitch their skills against a well organised and experienced JvW squad.

The objectives for the TSFA squad were clearly identified to the boys and on a whole were achieved to a reasonable level of success.

This game and this group of boys are the ground breakers for the future of TSFA as it intends to incorporate competitive training matches into its schedule for 2022 as part of its development program. The program has been running since 2018 and generally focused on support training for the boys in a variety of competitive teams from club sides to Amateur Academy sides.

So what was the result?

The result was very encouraging as illustrated by our PLAYERMAKER Smart Tec match analysis screen below.

TSFA, team A, managed to hold their own on most of the team stats. Most encouraging are the possession stats which is part of our training philosophy, a challenging task for a totally new squad, difficult choice of formation and against a quality football side like JvW.

Some of the other stats illustrate a definite opportunity for improvement, which for the boys can now be related to a match situation and will definitely aid and speed up the learning process.

For me and my team of Coaches, we learnt a tremendous amount. I am very excited to return on Monday to training and start to present the stats, relate the lessons learnt and offer the solutions ahead of our next game in a few weeks time.

Well done boys, Coaches, JvW and Parents for your support.



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