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Head Coach

Mitch has 22 years of football coaching experience, having been a fully-certified Coaching Professional since 2000. Mitch specialises in creating personalised plans and providing tools to guide clients towards achieving their personal and professional goals. The essence of his work focuses on facilitating self-growth by helping individuals identify the core challenges and setbacks in their lives and enabling them to overcome them with confidence.



Perry is a qualified and very experienced SAQ, Personal Trainer, football movement and youth football Conditioning Coach. He understands the developing body, its capabilities and its limitations. He is patient, methodical and professional in everything he applies himself to.

Pink Soccer Ball


Goalkeeper Coach

Alan and I have known each other for over 20 years. He is a very experienced Goal Keeper specialist hailing from Liverpool England, he is a passionate Goal Keeper Coach with a wealth of knowledge.


Assistant Coach

Chris is a talented young player still pursuing his dream to play overseas. In the meantime, he is learning the ropes at TSFA. The young boys love his coaching because he demonstrates all the flair and tricks that they are desperate to master.

Soccer Field


Passionate and modern youth development Coach


Certified since 2001 and having been involved at many levels of competitive and development football. 

I realised a more nurturing approach to developing competitive footballers was required for boys wanting to reach their full potential.


As sport should primarily be played for pleasure gained from individual growth, positive experiences and for developing healthy and balanced individuals. I developed a method that doesn't allow the result of the competition to be the measure of success but rather the individual's key factors of performance demonstrated during training and competition.

The methodology is supported by the latest in football Coaching technology, PLAYERMAKER Smart tec. Technical, tactical and physical data creates an informed, self-motivated player and an environment conducive to learning, without confusion or unrealistic expectations.

With the extensive contact time with each individual and a flexible academic environment in which to operate.

at ESCA Wanderers Illovo, the daily morning training sessions allow the Coaches to maximise essential contact time.

So are we result driven?

Yes, but we deliver positive and tangible results, results based on holistic football development, personal growth, relative to each individual's personal abilities.

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